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would you like your PI marketing delivered to you on a Silver Platter?
when you truly are too busy to do your own marketing
Have you ever felt like you could reach that next plateau in your practice if you just had a few more hours a day? Do you feel like every shiny new marketing course or strategy stirs up your enthusiasm, but a few months later is sitting on the shelf gathering dust?

If so, you’re not alone! Failure to implement strategies for practice growth is the single greatest block to the practice of your dreams.

At PI Marketing Elite we’ve recognized this, and as a result implemented our unique PI Marketing Concierge program to help lighten your load and ensure you wring every last cent of value out of your membership.

What is a PI Marketing Concierge? As a PI Marketing Elite member you will have full access to this unique opportunity which includes the following services:

1. Putting together a complete mailing list of every PI attorney and MD in your area, complete with phone number, address, and key personnel,

2. Contacting these offices on your behalf and gather emails for your marketing list,

3. Setting up email autoresponders for you (this is included with your membership at no extra charge) so every month local PI lawyers and MDs are receiving educational emails direct from you, without you having to lift a finger,

4. Printing, addressing, and mailing all of your newsletters, at a fraction of

the cost you could do it for at your office. By outsourcing this task to us you also ensure that it will get done like clockwork, each and every month,

5. Sending out various other "lumpy mail" campaigns for your office, and putting together auto accident reporting kits for your practice to use.

By taking many of the monthly marketing tasks off of your plate and handling for you, we can guarantee that they’ll get done on time and you’ll be free to focus on your practice. You’ll rest easy knowing that each and every month you have newsletters getting mailed and emails being sent to attorneys and MDs in your area, keeping your name on the top of their mind.

Join PI Marketing Elite today and let our Marketing Concierge help you build the PI practice of your dreams!

Time for Change
"The biggest difference between an amateur and a professional is that when an amateur sees an opportunity, he thinks about it. A professional seizes the opportunity."Warren Buffet
   Ensuring your success with 3 modules to grow and expand your PI practice

Powerful marketing strategies are only half of the equation when it comes to success in personal injury. You must have the clinical excellence and confidence to be able to effectively communicate with PI attorneys and insurance companies.

For most doctors their most precious resource is time. Rather than trying to stuff one more activity into your already jam-packed schedule, PI Marketing Elite provides you with turnkey marketing videos that you can delegate to an associate, marketing rep, or staff member to watch and implement.
Done For You
The average doctor has so many activities they're juggling already that great ideas just gather dust on the shelf. This is precisely why the PI Marketing Elite system delivers new marketing pieces done for you month after month, as long as you're enrolled as a PI Marketing Elite coaching member.
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